Scan ticket

Mobile admission management

Simple ticket scanning in a simple mobile app, so that you can check in your participants quickly and safely at your event.

Simple ticket scanning

With the Ticketmade Scan app, you can easily scan your tickets at the entrance of your event.

The data is automatically synchronized with Ticketmade. Thus, you always have an evaluation in real time.

Ticketmade teilnehmer scannen

Keep your participants in the overview

You have the possibility to manage your participants in a simple interface.

Your participants will be synchronized with the Ticketmade app. This way you can find out when a participant attended the event.

Scan ticket

Very Easy


Manage participants

Participants Excel export, send simple PDF ticket by e-mail or view status. All in one simple user interface.

Simple ticket scanning

Start check-in in a few minutes. Install the app, login and it can start with the check-in.

Live Synchronization

The status of the scans is synchronized with Ticketmade. So you have full control over your access over a central.

Create your online event in a few steps

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